Doctoral dissertation
presented as a series of thematically related scientific articles


The requirements for a doctoral dissertation in the Medical and health sciences
in the discipline of physical culture sciences discipline of physical cultural sciences
at Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport
should be met by the collection of published thematically related scientific articles


1. The scientific problem that connects all publications included in the collection is described in the candidate’s discussion, merging the collection (paper in Polish and in English).

2. The collection of publications consists of at least three scientific articles published:

– in scientific journals from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education list

– including at least two articles in journals with an Impact Factor (in the Journal Citation Reports database)

3. When the articles are prepared in co-authorship, the candidate:

– should have an individual contribution to the creation of each of them not less than 30%

– least once is the first author in an article with IF

– least once in the article with IF has a percentage contribution of not less than 50%

– submits a statement by all co-authors, specifying (both in percentage and descriptively) their individual contribution to its creation, confirmed by the supervisor