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Studies in Poland

Legalization of stay in Poland (Information for non-European Union residents)

To stay legally in Poland, you must have either:

  • A valid VISA in a foreign passport ;
  • A valid temporary resident card ;

VISA can be obtained in the country where you live permanently, at the Polish consulate.

You can obtain a temporary residence card in Poland, in the voivodship office; the permit is granted by the voivod competent for the foreigner’s place of residence


Residence card

Temporary residence card

  • The proceedings to grant a temporary residence permit for the purpose of studying are initiated upon the application of a third-country national submitted to the voivode competent for the place of his/her residence.
  • The application for granting a temporary residence permit shall be submitted on a form according to the specimen specified in Appendix No. 1 to the Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 17 April 2019. on the application for granting a foreigner a temporary residence permit
  • You can also find the application form at:

You can find more information on these websites:

Pomeranian Voivodeship Office in Gdansk

Office of Foreigners


The foreigner applies for the visa independently in his/her own country. The documents you need are available on the website of the consulate with jurisdiction over your residence.