Without a set of grades and a set of documents, the thesis will not be taken over.

List of required documents

  1. In order to begin the defense process, you must have ALL GRADES (120 / 180 ECTS credits). Grades you can check here: https://wu.awf.gda.pl/wu/start?&locale=en
  2. Hardcover thesis with 4 statements at the end ;
  3. Two CDs containing the thesis in PDF format. Disc signed with student’s name ;
  • The bags containing the electronic version of the thesis must be signed as follows – Name and surname – album number – Title of the thesis – Promoter (academic title, name and surname) ; The file saved on the data carrier must be named as follows: Surname_Name_first letters of the major (PE, SP)_mode of study (F – full-time)_type of thesis (ba – bachelor’s; ma – master’s). Template: Kowalski _Jan_ SP_F_ ba

4. For authorized persons – a photograph measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm for the trainer’s diploma / paper instructor’s card or for the instructor’s card in the form of a plastic card – a photo file named only with the name and surname with a jpg format extension.