♦  University of Physical Education and Sport (GUPES) is the only sports university in Pomerania where theoretical and practical classes are conducted by both recognized scientists and highly qualified specialists in the areas relevant to individual fields of study, as well as coaches of Olympic and national teams and outstanding athletes.

♦  GUPES is one of the best sports universities in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments, 2020 – 2023. In the Perspektywy magazine ranking for 2019-2023, GUPES placed 2nd among all sports universities in Poland.

♦  Studying in this field is mainly for those who want to combine a sports career with gaining and extending knowledge in various aspects of sport.

As part of the course, the student undertakes one of the coaching specialties in Olympic sports offered by universities.

Classes are conducted by experienced practitioners – coaches with many years of experience working at different levels of sports championships, with extensive experience and methodical workshop. Practical experience is supported by scientific knowledge. Classes are also taught by the best scientists conducting research for the needs of sport, publishing the results in peer-reviewed and high-scoring international journals.

A student of Sport learns the latest training trends, acquires practical knowledge and skills in the field of theory and practice of training in a selected sport, having the opportunity to obtain coaching and instructor qualifications.

The study program also covers the basics of entrepreneurship, management and marketing in sport, allowing graduates to freely navigate the sport market, understanding its basic functions and dependencies. Upon completing this field of study, a student may undertake a club, a sports organization, an independent unit operating within the territorial self-government or a sport-related business, creating added value for recipients and clients in areas related to the commercialization of sports and recreation services, and physical culture.

♦ Our specialist facilities are among the very best anywhere in Poland. Located on the picturesque Gdanks Oliwa we have purpose-built teaching and research laboratories for sport and exercise physiology, biomechanics, health and performance psychology and qualitative research. We have: 5 outdoor sports fields, 13 gyms, 2 sports halls, 1 swimming pool, 5-laboratories.


♦ bachelor’s degree in sports

♦ of sport trainer in the discipline being the subject of specialization

♦ preparation of programming, organization and implementation of the sports training process, management of sports organizations


The didactic offer of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport is modern, wide and varied. As part of the field of study, a student may choose a specialisation from a wide range of specialisations designed to meet the needs of the labour market and supplement it with other specialisations offered by the university.

– during the studies, the student chooses one of the coaching specializations offered by the university;

– apart from choosing a coaching specialization, the student takes up at least 1 additional specialization – of an instructor in another sport or another specialization, increasing his or her competences and competitiveness on the labor market.

• Gymnastics, Judo, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Athletics, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Swimming, Sport and dynamic shooting, Tennis, Sailing, Board sailing (windsurfing and kiteboarding), Motor preparation.

• Gymnastics, Judo, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Athletics, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Swimming, Sport and dynamic shooting, Tennis, Sailing, Board sailing (windsurfing and kiteboarding),
• Fitness – weight exercises, Fitness – modern forms of gymnastics,
• Motor preparation, Motor preparation in martial arts, Personal trainer,
• Sport Analytics, Sport Devices, Sport Communication and Journalism, Wellness, Business Models, Sport Management, Organization of sport events.
• NOTE: The launch of a given specialization depends on the registration of the required number of applicants.

LEVEL/ first-cycle

FORM/ full-time

PROFILE/ practical


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The conditions for admitting a foreigner to studies in English:

• effective registration in the IRK system
• meeting the formal requirements, attaching a complete set of documents in the IRK system within the required period
• confirmation of English language skills at the level required for the relevant cycle of study (1st cycle – B1).

Recruitment deadline in the IRK system

• from 15 March 2024 to 31 August 2024