♦ Studies in the field of occupational therapy focus on issues related to the optimization of human health and increasing the level of life quality of the beneficiaries within physical, mental, social and also spiritual (noetic) aspects by means of taking therapeutic actions whose the goal is, among others, to support the process of self-realization and creative fulfillment of discovering one’s own potential and feeling satisfied with fulfilling one’s needs within the adopted style and way of life.

♦ The student gets acquainted with occupational therapy – with its definition, goals, forms, methods, types, as well as the scopes and areas of its impact. The student gains knowledge, skills and social competences in the field of health sciences and physical culture, medical and social sciences to the extent necessary to practice as an occupational therapist.

♦ The studies are distinguished by a large number of practical classes conducted in the form of tutorials and apprenticeships, thanks to which the student gains theoretical knowledge, acquires competences and practical skills necessary to work with the patient.

♦ The schedule of classes includes subjects and groups of courses allowing for the acquisition of pedagogical qualifications, which is a distinctive phenomenon in the field of occupational therapy at GUPES compared to other universities in Poland. Acquired pedagogical qualifications allow for supplementation of knowledge, skills and social competences in the form of postgraduate studies, e.g.: in the field of surdopedagogy, typhlo-pedagogy, oligophrenopedagogy, social rehabilitation and others, which increases the graduate’s chances of finding an attractive job


♦ bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy
♦ competence to undertake diagnostic activities necessary to assess the health condition of the patient undergoing occupational therapy
♦ competences in taking preventive, therapeutic and educational measures reducing the effects of a decreased intellectual, mental, physical and social, spiritual (noetic) efficiency of the beneficiary
♦ competences in the field of planning, designing, organizing establishing and implementing the process of occupational therapy related to the prevention and activating people with various dysfunctions such as disorders of the musculoskeletal system, reduction of fitness and physical efficiency in developmental age and adulthood
♦ competences in the scope of controlling the effectiveness of the process of occupational therapy and identifying errors and neglects in the improvement process, as well as competences for keeping records necessary to monitor the effects of occupational therapy.


♦ institutions related to health and social care, centers for people with disabilities, addicted and socially excluded people, daily and inpatient hospital wards, social assistance centers, educational institutions, e.g.: educational, care and educational, rehabilitation, occupational therapy workshops, orphanage houses, senior houses, sanatoriums, various types of non-governmental, therapeutic clubs

♦ one’s own therapy office

LEVEL/ first-cycle

FORM/ full-time

PROFILE/ practical


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occupational therapy - studies

The conditions for admitting a foreigner to studies in English:

• effective registration in the IRK system
• meeting the formal requirements, attaching a complete set of documents in the IRK system within the required period
• obtaining the required number of points in the qualification procedure in terms of knowledge in a given field of study
• confirmation of English language skills at the level required for the relevant cycle of study (1st cycle – B1) by obtaining at least 5 points for language skills
in the qualification procedure

Recruitment deadline in the IRK system

• from 15 March 2023 to 3 August 2023