♦ Studies in field of cosmetology focus on issues related with caring, beautifying and medical cosmetology as well as consciously taking care of a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and physical activity promotion.

♦  Students will study a structure and functioning of the human body (in particular, the functioning of the skin), as well as study of skin diseases and other ailments that are a contraindication to the cosmetic procedures.

♦  The course is distinguished by a large number of practical classes in modern laboratories and studios, as well as highly qualified teaching staff.


♦ professional bachelor’s degree in cosmetology;
♦ competences in the field of face and body caring, diagnosis of skin condition, planning and making caring, medical and beauty treatments, taking into account the indications and contraindications;
♦ competence in the field of first aid;
♦ competences in the field of cooperation with a doctor of dermatology in the care of diseased skin;
♦  management competences of beauty or spa centers;
♦  competence in promotion of healthy style life;


♦ cosmetology salons
♦ biological regeneration clinics
♦ spa & wellness centers
♦ massage salons
♦ podiatry rooms
♦ health resorts and sanatoriums
♦ laboratories of cosmetological and pharmaceutical companies

LEVEL/ first-cycle

FORM/ full-time

PROFILE/ practical


The conditions for admitting a foreigner to studies in English:

• effective registration in the IRK system
• meeting the formal requirements, attaching a complete set of documents in the IRK system within the required period
• obtaining the required number of points in the qualification procedure in terms of knowledge in a given field of study
• confirmation of English language skills at the level required for the relevant cycle of study (1st cycle – B1) by obtaining at least 5 points for language skills in the qualification procedure

Recruitment deadline in the IRK system

• from 15 March 2023 to 3 August 2023