♦  University of Physical Education and Sport (GUPES) is the only sports university in Pomerania where theoretical and practical classes are conducted by both recognized scientists and highly qualified specialists in the areas relevant to individual fields of study, as well as coaches of Olympic and national teams and outstanding athletes.

♦  GUPES is one of the best sports universities in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments, 2020. In the Perspektywy magazine ranking for 2019, GUPES placed 2nd among all sports universities in Poland.

♦  Studies in the field of physical education focus on matters related to human motor skills. Students learn the interdisciplinary approach to issues in the field of physical culture and the specificity of individual sports disciplines; moreover, they master a wide range of exercises and methodological skills.

♦  strength is the research and teaching staff which includes scientists conducting research and publishing results in highly scored peer-reviewed international journals, as well as coaches of Olympic and national teams and outstanding athletes conducting practical classes.

♦ Our specialist facilities are among the very best anywhere in Poland. Located on the picturesque Gdanks Oliwa we have purpose-built teaching and research laboratories for sport and exercise physiology, biomechanics, health and performance psychology and qualitative research. We have: 5 outdoor sports fields, 13 gyms, 2 sports halls, 1 swimming pool, 5-laboratories.


♦ professional title of magister (Master of Arts) in physical education
♦ preparation for work in the field of corrective and compensatory gymnastics
♦ knowledge regarding the promotion of health and physical activity
♦ qualifications resulting from the selected specialisation
♦ qualifications of a camp tutor


The didactic offer of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport is modern, wide and varied. As part of the field of study, a student may choose a specialisation from a wide range of specialisations designed to meet the needs of the labour market and supplement it with other specialisations offered by the university:

♦ instructor specialisation in a selected sport discipline
♦ coaching specialisation being a continuation of the first-cycle specialisation
♦ motor preparation instructor
♦ motor preparation trainer
♦ personal training coach
♦ sports analyst
♦ sports communication and journalism
♦ instructor of mental training in sport
♦ traumatology in sport
♦ biological regeneration in sport
♦ sports and dynamic shooting instructor

* specialisations are launched at a minimum number of students.

LEVEL/ second-cycle

FORM/ full-time

PROFILE/ practical


The conditions for admitting a foreigner to studies in English:

• effective registration in the IRK system
• meeting the formal requirements, attaching a complete set of documents in the IRK system within the required period
• obtaining the required number of points in the qualification procedure in terms of knowledge in a given field of study
• confirmation of English language skills at the level required for the relevant
cycle of study (2st cycle – B2) by obtaining at least 5 points for language skills in the qualification procedure

Recruitment deadline in the IRK system

• from 15 March 2023 to 3 August 2023