Accommodation in dormitory in the academic year 2022/2023

Information on the allocation of places in the Student Dormitory House for the academic year 2022/2023

Application deadlines:
a) 1st round – until June 9, 2022 (for full-time students who will continue their studies at the current level of education at GUPES in the academic year 2022/2023);

b) 2nd round – until July 28, 2022 (for students or candidates for studies who will be studying for the 1st year of studies at GUPES in the academic year 2022/2023).

Applications should be thrown into the inbox with the word Sprawy Socjalne Studentów located in the main hall or sent via Polish post to the address of the University with the note Sprawy Socjalne Studentów (the date of the postmark counts).

With the application for a place in a dormitory, the student or candidate for studies should attach documents confirming the composition of the family and the income situation of the family (as listed below).

NOTE: Persons who did not have time to submit applications within the prescribed period – should do so immediately.


Places in the Student Dormitory will be granted to:

a) June 24, 2022 for the first round,
b) September 15, 2022 for the second round.

Documents confirming the family’s income situation:

a) certificates from the tax office on the income achieved by the student and adult family members in the last tax year subject to personal tax on general terms,

b) persons who obtain income from economic activity taxed on general principles, additionally submit documents confirming the actual amount of the paid contribution for compulsory social insurance (if it is not specified in the tax certificate from the Tax Office) and compulsory health insurance (certificates from ZUS, KRUS, transfer confirmation, certificate from an accounting office),

c) a certificate from the tax office in the form of the tax paid, the amount of income and the tax rate in the last tax year in the case of people who earn income and settle on the basis of the provisions on flat-rate income tax,

d) a certificate from the tax office in the form of the tax paid, the amount of tax paid in the last tax year in the case of people settling the tax paid in the form of a tax card,

e) declaration on the amount of other non-taxable income obtained in the year preceding the submission of the application – Annex 6 to the Regulations (Declaration on non-taxable income),

f) certificates from the competent commune office on the size of the farm, expressed in conversion hectares of the total area in the calendar year preceding the submission of the application

g) a lease agreement in the case of lease of part or all of the farm, concluded in accordance with the provisions on social insurance for farmers or lease of the farm in connection with the collection of the rent specified in the provisions on supporting rural development from the funds of the Guarantee Section of the European Guidance Fund and Agricultural Guarantee,

h) an agreement concluded in the form of a notarial deed, in the case of bringing an agricultural holding for use by an agricultural production cooperative,

i) a copy of the court judgment awarding maintenance for the benefit of persons in the family or a copy of the minutes of the session containing the content of the court settlement, or a certificate of the bailiff on the total or partial ineffectiveness of the enforcement of maintenance and the amount of the enforced maintenance,

j) a certificate from the competent authority on the amount of the maintenance fund collected in the last tax year,

k) other documents in the event of circumstances affecting the entitlement to benefits.

Documents confirming the composition of the family:

a) a certificate from the school or university confirming the education process of each member of the student’s family who is actually learning,

b) birth certificate of a child or siblings up to 7 years of age,

c) a certificate from the institution providing round-the-clock maintenance in the case of a family member remaining in such a situation (social welfare home, prison, military school and other providing full support),

d) information from the court about pending proceedings for the adoption of a child in the case of a person who actually cares for the child,

e) a certificate of disability of family members who are dependent on the student or the student’s family,

f) a copy of the final judgment of the court adjudicating on divorce or separation or a full copy of the child’s birth certificate, if the father is unknown, in the case of a single parent,

g) a copy of the judgment of the court adjudicating the dismissal of an action for the establishment of a maintenance benefit,

h) parents’ death certificate,

i) copies of decisions awarding maintenance in the case of an adult in education who is not dependent on the parents in connection with the determination of a court judgment or a court settlement of the right to maintenance on their part.

Monthly cost of the dormitry in 2022/2023 is 550 PLN. 

Application for a place in the student dormitory house (PL)

Application for a place in the student dormitory house (PL+ENG)

About us

Student dormitory of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport is located at 33 Czyżewskiego Street – on the premises of GUPES. Student rooms are located in block B – second and third floor (186 places), and block C – first, second and third floor (176 places). The floors are divided into segments, which consist of two double rooms with shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen with equipment (refrigerator, stove) in block B.

In Block C, the segment is divided into four double rooms with shared shower, toilet, two sinks and two refrigerators – the shared kitchen is located on the floors (2 stoves per floor).

At the disposal of students:

  • 3 laundry rooms with drying rooms,
  • 3 kitchens – one per floor in block C,
  • bicycle room – student dormitory residents have access to bicycle storage room,
  • TV room,
  • Internet – each room has two local network sockets enabling Internet connection,
  • Smoking room – on each floor there is a separate place for smokers.
  • Vacuum cleaner, iron, laundry keys, TV room – to be borrowed from the student dormitory porter’s lodge,
  • There is a vending machine with cold drinks on the premises.

Smoking is not allowed in student rooms, TV rooms and corridors.


Additional information

  1. 24 hour reception of student dormitory ;
  2. The administration of the dormitory is located on the first floor of block C ;
  3. Free parking at the GUPES Sports and Entertainment Hall (entrance from Grunwaldzka Street), 4 ;
  4. Access: fast city railroad (SKM) stop Gdańsk Żabianka – GUPES, streetcars no. 2, 6, 11; bus no. 122, 622 ;
  5. Canteen is available on the premises of the university – first floor of block C ;
  6. Paid parking at the main entrance of the University.

We offer guest rooms all year round.


Bank account (PLN)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 91 1030 1117 0000 0000 8899 5244
IBAN: PL 91 1030 1117 0000 0000 8899 5244

Address: 33 Czyżewskiego St., 80-336, Gdansk
phone/fax: 58 55 47 149 – administration, 58 55 47 160 – reception