Accommodation in dormitory in the academic year 2023/2024

We present the dates of your accommodation at the GUPES Student Dormitory for the current academic year:

21/09/2023 Thursday 8:00 – 14:00

22/09/2023 Friday 8:00 – 14:00

23/09/2023 Saturday WE DO NOT ACCOMMODATE / CLOSED


25/09/2023 Monday 8:00 – 13:00

26/09/2023 Tuesday 8:00 – 13:00

27/09/2023 Wednesday 8:00 – 13:00

28/09/2023 Thursday 8:00 – 13:00

29/09/2023 Friday 8:00 – 13:00

30/09/2023 Saturday WE DO NOT ACCOMMODATE / CLOSED


At the time of accommodation, the student should have:

– confirmation of the deposit payment to the BANK ACCOUNT in the amount of PLN 756 for the Student Dormitory, account number IBAN PL 91 1030 1117 0000 0000 8899 5244,

Swift code: CITIPLPX Title: first name and surname, deposit. All payments for accommodation should be made according to the formula:

name and surname of the student: Jan Kowalski year of study: 1st year accommodation per month: October

– present an ID card


People who do not have their own duvet, pillow and bed linen at their accommodation, report the willingness to take the above-mentioned equipment.

A student who will not be accommodated in the SD until October, 2023, is removed from the list of residents.

People who have not settled payments from previous years will NOT be accommodated.


Information on the allocation of places in the Student Dormitory House for the academic year 2023/2024

Application for a place in the student dormitory house (PL)

Application for a place in the student dormitory house (PL+ENG)

About us

Student dormitory of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport is located at 33 Czyżewskiego Street – on the premises of GUPES. Student rooms are located in block B – second and third floor (186 places), and block C – first, second and third floor (176 places). The floors are divided into segments, which consist of two double rooms with shared bathroom, toilet, kitchen with equipment (refrigerator, stove) in block B.

In Block C, the segment is divided into four double rooms with shared shower, toilet, two sinks and two refrigerators – the shared kitchen is located on the floors (2 stoves per floor).

At the disposal of students:

  • 3 laundry rooms with drying rooms,
  • 3 kitchens – one per floor in block C,
  • bicycle room – student dormitory residents have access to bicycle storage room,
  • TV room,
  • Internet – each room has two local network sockets enabling Internet connection,
  • Smoking room – on each floor there is a separate place for smokers.
  • Vacuum cleaner, iron, laundry keys, TV room – to be borrowed from the student dormitory porter’s lodge,
  • There is a vending machine with cold drinks on the premises.

Smoking is not allowed in student rooms, TV rooms and corridors.


Additional information

  1. 24 hour reception of student dormitory ;
  2. The administration of the dormitory is located on the first floor of block C ;
  3. Free parking at the GUPES Sports and Entertainment Hall (entrance from Grunwaldzka Street), 4 ;
  4. Access: fast city railroad (SKM) stop Gdańsk Żabianka – GUPES, streetcars no. 2, 6, 11; bus no. 122, 622 ;
  5. Canteen is available on the premises of the university – first floor of block C ;
  6. Paid parking at the main entrance of the University.

We offer guest rooms all year round.


Bank account (PLN)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 91 1030 1117 0000 0000 8899 5244
IBAN: PL 91 1030 1117 0000 0000 8899 5244

Address: 33 Czyżewskiego St., 80-336, Gdansk
phone/fax: 58 55 47 149 – administration, 58 55 47 160 – reception