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Gdansk Univeristy of Physical Education and Sport belongs to The Baltic University Programme (BUP) which is a lively network of almost 90 universities located in 10 countries of the Baltic Sea Drainage Area. The programme started in 1991 as an enthusiastic effort to bridge the information divide left by the Iron Curtain and has been growing ever since. Thirty years of a fruitful cooperation later, the BUP and its mission can hardly be more topical: a sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region.

The BUP supports cooperation among researchers, teachers, and students from the Participating Universities, but extends as well to international offices and other university bodies. It also assists university leaderships in strategic issues related to internationalisation. As they share similar experiences and face similar challenges – global as well as specific to the region – the participants actively pool their knowledge and find innovative ways of promoting and implementing sustainability in their region.

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BUP Annual Report 2021