International Studies - information


Welcome in the process of recruitment at AWFiS Gdansk

In order to enrol in a selected course of study at AWFiS in Gdansk, please follow the guidelines below. Failure to comply with the following conditions will be tantamount to deleting the applicant from the list of applicants for the study. 



Vice Dean for Sport and foreign students, room no. 5

dr Bartosz Krawczyński


Adres: Gdansk University of  Physical Education and Sport
Kazimierza Górskiego 1, 80-336 Gdańsk, POLAND


International Student Office, room no. 18

Tomasz Ziober

+48 58 55 47 367


International students coordinator, room no. 116B
mgr Urszula Czepukojć
+48 58 55 47 259

Dormitory,  room no. 135

mgr Beata Stefanowicz

+48 58 55 47 470


Student finances, room no. 16

inż. Magdalena Barc

tel. +48 58 55 47 452


International Recruitment, room no. 105A

mgr Alicja Bielska

+48 58 55 47 382



Required documents for studies in English I  first  (Bachelor`s Degree)  and   II second (Master`s Degree)